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Susan D. Crum
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Juggling Your Priorities

by Susan D. Crum on 09/22/17

Every day I bet you find yourself juggling lots of balls, lots of multiple priorities. I know I do!

If my Google research is correct, the most objects anyone has been able to juggle at one time is 16 and that was in 2006. Do you think you juggle more than 16 objects/balls, priorities, every day? You probably do!

Before you begin your day, take a few minutes and reflect on all the balls you have to juggle. If you have time, write them down. Regardless, decide which ones are made out of glass and which ones are made out of rubber. In other words, if you were to drop one of those balls today, would it shatter into a million pieces or would it simply bounce? If you wrote your priorities for the day, go back and write glass or rubber beside each one.

The glass balls are priorities that have to be completed today, such as time sensitive. The rubber balls? Will they distract you from juggling your priorities of the day? Can they wait until tomorrow? If you feel like they can't wait, but yet it's not a top priority, ensure if you have to drop something, it's a rubber ball, not a glass ball, so it will just bounce and not shatter.

Chances are you will drop one, two or maybe more balls every day, but you can choose which ones will not be shattered with a few minutes of intentional planning and organization. Whether you adhere to this exercise or modify it for your own, in the end, you want a great view of all of the balls you have in the air at any time.

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