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Susan's Blog

The Art of Influence

by Susan D. Crum on 06/13/17

Regardless of your profession, did you realize you’re in sales? That’s right! If you think, act or communicate you are in sales. Everyday you are “selling” someone on your ideas, beliefs, services or products, right? Therefore, we are all active in the art of  selling or as I like to refer to it as the art of influence.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned:

1. Influencing others is an integral part of my day.

2. My success depends on my ability to influence.

3.  We all have natural abilities we can cultivate into habits of influence.

4. When we practice these habits, we can leverage the power of influence to our greatest potential.

5. And once we realize we have unlimited potential and a unique capacity, we can then realize our own version of greatness. 

How do you influence others? I'd love to hear from you!

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by Susan D. Crum on 05/22/17

Number one predictor of entrepreneurial success? It's something you cannot learn in a book or at a lecture, but rather through your own personal experiences and failures.

It's called: GRIT. Let me break the four parts of GRIT down for you:

G: Growth is one of the most important ongoing processes of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one’s fullest potential, even in the midst of adversity.

R: Resilience is the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds on all levels because you bounce back stronger and wiser while letting the challenge shape you to be more powerful, not define you.

I: Instinct is something you don't need to learn; it happens naturally. And it's so important to be in touch with your instinct during troubled times. So whatever you do with your life, it should be the natural, outflowing of who you are.

T: Tenacity is your willing to persist, be determined even when you don't know or can't see immediate results so you can reach your goals and bring them to life.

What I have discovered about GRIT? Repeatedly, I've discovered over and over again GRIT will not let you quit!

Are You a Master Builder?

by Susan D. Crum on 05/08/17

A Master Builder

Last week, I lead a ladies coffee group on a devotion entitled A Master Builder, based on Proverbs 14:1. As I was in my car later that afternoon, it occurred how applicable these principles are in our businesses, as well. Use the following as a checklist to ensure you are a Master Building, constructing your business on a strong foundation.

  1. Architect – You need someone who knows what he or she is doing.
  2. Blueprints – You have to have something to follow, such as your plans and goals. 
  3. Foundation – Is it strong? What are you using to keep yourself level? Are you replacing your foundation with things not weight bearing? 
  4. Floors – Others will see what transpires on your floors, which sit right on top of your foundation.
  5. Walls – What provides a rigid barrier for you?
  6. Plumbing – What are you allowing to flow through you? Positivity? Negativity? 
  7. Electrical – What gives you power?
  8. Windows – What do you use to block out distractions yet gives you a view of your surroundings?
  9. Roof – None of the other things matter unless you have a good, sturdy roof, which can stand up to anything.

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The GIFTS You Need on Your Team

by Susan D. Crum on 04/26/17

The kinds of people you recruit to your team should be determined by the goals you believe God has given you. Look for appropriate GIFTS in each person.

G – Gifted Members: Look for specific gifts and abilities in other people that are crucial to achieve your goals. 

I – Influential People – Look for people who have influence over others.

F – Faithful Workers – Look for people who are already faithful to Christian commitments they have made. 

T – Teachable Spirit – Look for people who are willing to learn and be flexible with teammates. 

S – Servant’s Heart – Look for people who want to serve others, not gain recognition. 

(John Maxwell, Contagious Leadership Workbook)

What Are You Putting in Your Basket?

by Susan D. Crum on 04/17/17

While reflecting on memories last Easter evening of my parents and our many Easters spent together, I remember as a child how much I loved to hunt Easter eggs. Being an only child, I think I drove my parents half-crazy always wanting to hide and hunt Easter eggs. It was like I couldn’t get enough! I especially remember this huge community Easter egg hunt my parents organized at the local high school. I remember standing behind the ribbon with my Easter basket in tow, anxiously awaiting the “green light” to go find as many eggs as I could, especially the “golden egg”! Can you relate? Well, today is a new day. A new beginning to a new week. Our baskets for the week are empty. What “eggs” are you going to look for to fill your basket? “Eggs” of fear, doubt, frustration, and confusion?  Or “eggs” of faith, hope, love, and peace?  What would your “golden egg” look like this week?