Susan D. Crum
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Susan did a great job in our annual planning meeting! She gave my team and I specific and useful ideas to help us work toward our goals. I would recommend Susan with no hesitation. 

Susan presented information for our team that was timely and well designed.She was open to our participation. Her message was spot on for us. Susan really gave us food for thought and we have been working on her suggestions. I would strongly recommend having her speak to any group.

Susan was just the most wonderful speaker, and we can’t thank her enough. I don’t know how anyone could have left without understanding how she became a Christian! She just has a fantastic story to share, and she doesn't complain as many people would. We have especially benefited from her program in February. I will be remembering her and am grateful for having the opportunity to get acquainted. She is truly special!

Mary Frances Carlson
Second Presbyterian Church
Knoxville, TN

And I Did... is a book of overcoming obstacles/adversity, while trusting God through all of it. It will inspire you to reach those dreams you have always dreamed about. So one day you too will be able to say, "And I Did." Susan has a way to encourage us to start our own story with the first chapter. You will have to read the book to understand. God will equip us once we can see through the storms and start trusting his plans. This is where most of our chapters began. Such a beautiful story of love for her parents, and one of fighting off depression by staying focused on God's plan. She was able to see through the storms and see the flickering, shining light of hope through it all. My word for 2014...BELIEVE, though Susan said one word, my word represents, "Believing in myself." Such a beautiful book of hope, love, dreams, and ultimately TRUST.

Lisa Martin
Greeneville, TN
Dr. David Dykes  
Greeneville, TN
Dr. John Lamons
Greeneville, TN
As a dental consultant for more than 20 years, I have had the opportunity to hear many speakers and Susan is one of the very best speakers I have heard. Her energy and her spirit really uplifted me!

Sue Marshall
Dependable Dental Services
Woodstock, GA
The first time I had the privilege of hearing Susan speak was December of 2013 at the General Morgan Inn. She was addressing our devotional coffee group and had recently finished chemo treatments. Her head was bald and her body was frail, but she had the spirit of a lion! Her message was loud and clear...we, who are in Christ are overcomers! Her books "Only to Susan" and "And I Did" will inspire you with intimate details of how she allows God to work in her life through even the most difficult of circumstances. Since that time, I've heard her speak and teach on many occasions. She's a leader, a motivator and a woman after God's own heart! 
Tami Smith,
Greeneville, TN
Susan has a story to tell and she does it with confidence in God's sovereignty, passion from her experiences and love for her Savior. She has truly taken her adversities and allowed God to use them to refine her, as in Psalm 66, "For you, oh God, tested us; you refined us like silver".
Tracy Green
Wellness Coordinator, Laughlin Hospital
Sunday School Teacher, First Baptist Church
Greeneville, TN
I have known Susan all of her life. I'm sorry to say I have only read one of her books, Only to Susan, but look forward to the second and any that follows. I have not had the privilege of hearing her speak, but have read many positive reports from social media and have read a few of her blogs. Susan is many things. Here are just a few; a fighter, smart, a wonderful Mom, a Christian, an inspirational speaker, loves her family, caring, compassionate, conscientious, honest, friendly, hard working, but above all, Susan relishes in reaching for her dreams. Plus, her dad and my dad were first cousins. Her dad was like an uncle to me while I was growing up. Susan was very lucky to get his wonderful qualities.

Billie Ann Carter
Marietta, GA
I have known Susan through many seasons of life, but her last five years have been a test that proves she is truly an overcomer. Through laughter and tears her faith has not wavered. One would never know the road she has traveled when meeting and seeing her contagious smile. Her books will capture your heart with such humor, honesty, and realization. Susan is an inspiration to many and continues to embrace life at its best. She wants to help equip others to live with perseverance, peace, and trust in God.
Donna Everett
Danville, KY
I have never met Susan, but was introduced to her by an aunt, if you ever knew you have a guardian angel you would know she is mine...When I got her book, I could not put it down. So many things in thebook related to me. As a mother and wife whose daughter and husband went through cancer, you know if you have FAITH AND BELIEVE anything is possible...Of course it have been 15 years for my daughter and 5 for my husband and to watch their suffering your know there is nothing you can do but pray and have faith that GOD WILL PROVIDE. Even now with situations in my life that I know I have no control of, GOD WILL PROVIDE. And reading your book I know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Thank you to my Aunt for introducing Susan to me and to Susan for having the FAITH AND COURAGE to share her story.


Sue Linski
LaPlace, LA

I have known Susan for several years, and I can truly say she is one of the most encouraging, smart, and loving people I know! She is always trying to help others overcome their obstacles through the gift of encouragement and shows others how to persevere even in times of struggle. One of the things that has inspired me most about Susan is she never gives up even in the midst of such adversity. She has never once stopped and felt sorry for herself; she uses every problem as a catalyst to move forward and accomplish goals and dreams she has set for herself.

I heard Susan speak at a Faithfully Business event. It was inspiring to hear her talk about how she has found strength and resilience in some very testing circumstances. She conveyed her message with warmth and sincerity. Her story is one that is so relateable and relevant to women today, and I enjoyed her content, as well as her delivery.
Dumisa Nyarambi
Living Well Conerige
Johnson City, TN.
Sarah Burnette
Asheville, NC
How do you not meet Susan and walk away being inspired? I really don't think it's possible. Whether you're looking for someone to connect with one on one or to address a large audience, you won't find a more genuine and sincere leader with her positive attitude and energetic personality.

Matt Overby
Executive Director
Summit Leadership Foundation
Johnson City, TN
Susan spoke to our Faithfully Business group and had us all on the edge of our seats. Susan's life story is both amazing and mesmerizing. Her message of hope, perseverance and faith is powerful. She is such an excellent speaker and storyteller. I definitely expect to see her out on the National Speaking Circuit soon.
Mary Ellen Miller
Johnson City, TN  
When Susan shares her journey with you, you may try to think of words to comfort her, but you will soon realize her words comfort and inspire you. For the person she is and her life's daily journey she shares, I will forever be grateful she came into my life and shares it with me.

Janie C Jessee, CEO/Publisher, Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc, Johnson City, TN
While reading what other people have written in regard to Susan Crum’s books, I realized – I have never heard Susan speak, in fact I have never met her. We were connected through mutual acquaintances in Greeneville, TN – where my son attended Tusculum College and played football there. My husband and I attended every game for almost 6 years and grew to love the people and the absolutely stunning country and mountain sides. For that reason, when Susan and I became Facebook friends, I guess I just I thought I had always known her. I have enjoyed and “shared” Susan Biblical encouragement on my own Facebook pages.  

Being on my own “Faith Journey” up here in Cincinnati, I sat down to read “And I Did It” and felt like I was reading a book by an old friend (Susan please don’t take “old” personally as I am older than you). Naturally, I learned a lot I didn’t know about Susan’s life but mostly I found her relentless desire to “lean” on the Lord, an inspiration. I have found as I have traveled through life it is so easy to think I can do it on my own, or forget to ask for God’s help. Susan points out in her journey that asking for God’s help needs to be our first course of action. Because of where I am in my life, I am trying to turn everything, yes everything, over to the Lord. Trying not to fret over the future because I know it is all His. Thank you Susan. I need to order the next book. May God Bless you, Austin and Greeneville, Tennessee

Cindy Cordell and son Bo
Cincinnati, OH